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When you open an industrial directory these days, it seems there is a plastic component manufacturer on every corner. So what distinguishes a top-notch supplier from all the rest?

The plastic injection molders that TGB Inc. represents seek to exceed our customers' expectations by providing quality, cost-effective products through innovative solutions, continual process improvement and on-time delivery --- all while reducing our impact on the environment.

Our suppliers can provide high production rates, repeatable close tolerances, and a wide range of plastic materials. They partner with domestic and offshore tooling engineers, to maximize your tooling investment at a cost-effective price point.

TGB Inc. can help you compare the advantages of injection molding and thermoforming.

In our throwaway society, which is oriented toward convenience and consumption, reusability often is far down the list of potential packaging options. Our thermoforming specialists can deliver cost-saving benefits throughout your supply chain, with a broad range of plastic containers, custom dunnage trays, parts trays for your assembly processes, and more. These reusable options will reduce your company's plastic and foam usage. You'll be improving productivity, enhancing profitability, and benefiting the environment, as well.