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electronic design

TGB Inc.'s systems engineering and electronics development partners offer electronic design services, embedded software and hardware design, and more. Representing several engineering firms offers us the opportunity to match your project with just the right company. Their experience spans embedded hardware and software development, radiation hardened space components, industrial control, and wireless networking --- including proprietary low-power RF, 802.11 Wi-Fi, and 802.16 Wi-Max.

We've chosen firms with reputations for sharp thinking, quick design and rapid prototype turnaround. As a trusted supplier to Department of Defense "primes" and subcontractors, they've been helping transform ideas into products: from controlling a space-station to instant messaging units.

Can your idea wait while you identify and hire a
staff to develop that new product?

TGB Inc. has solved that problem for you --- we have the experience and the project managers to develop your concept and bring it to market. With proprietary products our clients have already developed, we can tailor an application to your concept, and shorten your timeline to product release.

If you are long on ideas and short on time, our team has the manpower and experience to bring your vision to life.